3 Signs a Dearly Departed Loved One Is Trying to Contact You

After losing someone dear to your heart, you probably wish you could speak to them one last time. If you want to get in touch with your loved one on the other side, you’re not alone—oftentimes, loved ones want to get in touch with you too. While spirits cannot always communicate directly with their living relatives and friends, they do send messages in many other ways.

Here are three of the most common signs that someone departed is trying to contact you.

1. You Sense Things That Aren’t There

One of the most common ways spirits contact their loved ones is by directly targeting their five senses. If someone is trying to get in touch with you from the other side, you may find yourself perceiving things that aren’t physically there.

In terms of sight, you may see your loved one in a dream. Some people even see apparitions of spirits while they’re awake, although this is one of the rarest forms of communication. As for hearing and smell, you might hear your loved one’s voice speaking to you or suddenly smell their perfume or cologne.

Taste may sound like a strange way to communicate with spirits, but you may find yourself tasting a family member’s old recipe when you’re not eating it. Finally, there’s touch—the feeling of a hand on your shoulder or a breath on your skin could be a loved one trying to make contact.

2. Your Electronics Behave Weirdly

Alongside affecting the senses, manipulating energy is another technique spirits may use to communicate. One such form of energy is electrical energy, which is why you may notice your electronics behaving strangely if a deceased loved one is trying to get in touch.

One common example is phone calls. If you’ve received phone calls from unknown numbers with nothing but static or strange sounds on the other end, this could be a spirit trying to call you. Another electronic device spirits favour is radio. Have you noticed your car radio switching stations without you touching the controls—perhaps to a radio station or song your loved one listened to?

Note that not every signal is this obvious. Lights flickering, televisions switching off unexpectedly, and other low-level electrical mishaps often go unnoticed or get brushed off. But pay attention—if they happen often, they could definitely be a sign of spirit communication.

3. You See Symbols Repeated Everywhere

If you keep seeing the same objects in your path day after day, don’t be too quick to pass it off as coincidence. Always be perceptive after losing a loved one, because even something as simple as a repeated symbol could be a message from the other side.

These symbols can take many forms. Often, they appear as small objects. You may frequently find pennies, feathers, unusual stones or items your loved one collected in your path.

Animals are another symbol used in the spirit world. You may repeatedly see specific animals like butterflies or a certain species of bird; colourful, noticeable varieties are the most common. Alternatively, you may see multiple animals all behaving in a similar way, such as staring at you or landing right in front of you.

If you do feel like someone you loved is trying to communicate with you from the other side, the best way to bridge the gap and converse with them is through a psychic medium. The signs above are often the only way a spirit can reach out to someone with no psychic ability, but mediums have extrasensory gifts which allow them to make true contact with the spirit world.

To get in touch with an experienced, compassionate medium who can help you contact a departed loved one, call Aliz’s Psychics.