6 Types of Psychic Readings

Do you want a psychic reading? This could be what you need for insights into your love life, marriage, finances or friendships. Psychics use extrasensory abilities to reveal hidden information and can help you understand complicated situations.

A challenge that clients experience when seeking psychic readings is that the clients have many types of psychics to choose from. In most cases, they do not know which kind of reading suits them best. Discover the various types of psychic readings.

1. Clairaudience reading

Clairaudience is an ability that enables the psychic to hear messages. These messages could be from a dead or living person. Other than hearing voices, a person with clairaudience abilities could hear strange sounds, daydream or acquire an imaginary friend.

When consulting with a clairaudient psychic, they will pass messages that they hear to help you get a better understanding of your situation. The secret to a successful clairaudience reading is ensuring that you are honest with the psychic. For example, do not hide the meaning of the various messages.

2. Clairvoyant reading

Clairvoyance enables the psychic to see symbols or images. These images can either be from your past or future. Regardless, the images are in direct relation to the information that you provide the clairvoyant.

During a clairvoyant consultation, clients must be attentive to ensure they can interpret the images that the clairvoyant sees. If possible, have a notebook to ensure you do not forget what the clairvoyant sees. This can help you make sense of the reading.

3. Medium reading

Medium psychic abilities have existed in many cultures for generations. They allow the psychic to communicate with the dead and worldly spirits. Mediums enable their clients to get closure, as well as pass or receive messages from their dead loved ones.

Maintain an open mind when seeking a medium reading. More often than not, your loved one will provide information that you did not ask for or do not understand. This should not disappoint you since an experienced medium will know how to retrieve the information that you need.

4. Astrology reading

Astrologists use the position of the stars to predict your life and shed light on your current situation.

Various types of astrology readings exist. For example, a birth chart analysis gives insights into your personality, while a progression reading will inform you of your current position in life. Conversely, a couples reading is for people who wish to understand their relationships, while Astro-counselling is for individuals who want to comprehend the various relationships in their lives.

5. Palmistry readings

Palmistry psychics will read your palms to reveal hidden information. The professionals will check your hands, the length of your fingers and the characteristics of the lines on your hand.

6. Tarot Reading

Tarot card readers use tarots to gain insights into the past, present and future. During the tarot reading, the psychic will ask a question and check the cards to reveal information.

When visiting a tarot card reader, write down the information that you need. This can help set the pace for your reading. Remember to ask the tarot card reader for deeper analysis if you cannot understand your reading.

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