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Life is full of amazing experiences, but life can also have twists, turns and unexpected setbacks. When you need a little extra guidance, come to Aliz’s Psychics. We have over 30 different psychics who can all answer your call, and we’re all ready and willing to help you with whatever struggles you may be facing. If you need psychics now, call an online psychic today.

How do I choose the best psychic for my needs?

To get the best outcomes from a psychic reading, you need a psychic that fits your life and your current needs. Psychics have a variety of different experiences and skills that allow them to help people like you who are seeking answers about their lives.

If you need insights from one of our psychics now, take a moment to identify what you desire to know. Many psychics focus their practice on specific topics or areas of your life. You could find a practitioner that focuses on relationships, for example, or one who focuses on issues with money. Many psychics will be able to focus on multiple areas. Once you know what is important to you, you can find someone with experience in that area.

Other times, psychics can be differentiated by how they practice their gifts. Some read cards, while others will also use their skills as a medium to help you find answers. If a particular practice resonates with you, find a psychic that uses those tools to help you.

Why choose Aliz’s Psychics?

No matter what you want to know, Aliz’s Psychics is here to help. Because we have so many psychics you can choose from to get a reading, you’ll always be able to find someone that will resonate with your spirit.

What we can help with?

With over 30 psychics working in the same place, we offer a wide range of psychic services and healing methods. Whether you need to talk about relationship difficulties, problems in your workplace, financial worries or health struggles, we have a psychic who can help.

You may wonder what a psychic can actually help with. Well, some of the benefits you’ll see after a talk with one of our psychics include:

  • Clarity: Our psychics can pull experiences and energy from your past, present and future to help you find the clarity and balance you need for your life. This guidance is invaluable for many situations.
  • Closure: If you need closure or peace of mind concerning a loved one who’s passed on, our psychics can help you.
  • New horizons: You may feel bogged down or in a rut, and a psychic reading can help you find or consider new possibilities and ideas for your life that you never would have thought of before.
  • Knowledge: A psychic reading can help you learn about and accept yourself. Our psychics can help you affirm your gifts and acknowledge your faults. This bringing you peace with who you are.

Because we employ psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, astrologers, personal coaches and tarot readers, we’re confident you’ll find the help you need. Call us on 03 5266 1685 to get started.

Liz is back

Operator Number
Liz is a natural psychic specialising in love and soulmate connections. Born in the Glens of Antrim Ireland UK where her grandmother was the local “wise woman” known as “The Seer”. Liz grew up with the gift of second sight…

$3.50 per min GST incl.
For credit cards : 00613 5266 1164


Operator Number
Leah has offered her services as a clairvoyant-medium for over twenty years. In this time her clients have gained clarity and insights to all of their questions and concerns, enabling and empowering them to create the life that they deserve.…

$3.50 per min GST incl.
For credit cards : 00618 8358 1261


Operator Number
Hello my name is Amelia (Operater 17)I am a gifted Psychic Clairvoyant / Medium blessed to have inherited from my Italian line. I have 30 years experience in all aspects of spiritual counselling as Clairvoyance, Numerology, Astrology and specialize in…

$3.50 per min GST incl.
For credit cards : 006103 8103 1959


Operator Number
Maggie is a gifted clairvoyant clairsentient, psychic with many years experience , who can connect with your energy through your voice vibration ,she specializes in guidance with ,love , romance, , relationships , career and finances and has helped many…

$3.50 per min GST incl.
For credit cards : 0061481 197 664


Operator Number
Hello, my name is Jasmine. I give help and guidance on relationships, health, money and business matters. My clients include well known people involved in politics, business, film and sport. I actually still read for clients who came to me…

$3.50 per min GST incl.
For credit cards : 00612 4572 2198

Our Services

We offer a wide range of psychics and services so that each of our clients finds exactly what they’re looking for.


Our clairvoyants are naturally gifted at discerning information with their mind’s eye or through visions. Whether you want help making a decision, more self-confidence or communication with deceased loves ones, clairvoyants can help.

Relationship Psychics

As the name implies, you can talk to our psychics who specialise in relationships. Our professionals can help you understand your relationships better and take them to a higher level of comfort, confidence and love.

Psychic Readings

Simply put, a psychic reading is when one of our psychics uses their abilities to discern roads you might take to accomplish what you desire. You can receive financial, career, relationship or general advice in a psychic reading.

Psychic Hotline

Aliz’s Psychics aims to be the most convenient source of knowledge and guidance around, so we have our hotline service available at any time. With over 30 psychics ranging from clairvoyants and psychics to tarot readers and astrologers, we have someone who can help you.


A medium is someone who bridges the gap between the living and the dead. If you have the urge to communicate with a loved one who has passed on, call one of our mediums. They may be able to pass a message to a loved one or from a loved one to you.

If you need psychics now, give us a call.

Experience and Talent

Liz started ALIZ’S PSYCHICS ® in 1999, seeking to make it easier for people to find genuine psychics to give readings. Today, we have a roster of psychics that includes clairvoyants, mediums, counsellors, healers and therapists, each with unique gifts and abilities. Some of our psychic reading methods include:

  • Clairvoyance. Certain gifted individuals can receive visions of your life, past or future.
  • Numerology and astrology. Psychics can use the stars to predict your future and offer advice.
  • Palm reading. This method uses the map of your hand to see into your nature.
  • Tarot reading. The meanings of tarot cards can be applied to life and current struggles.

Each psychic has different special gifts, which is why we provide a large selection so you can find someone whose gifts align with your needs.

Reliable and Professional

Our psychics and clairvoyants serve countless clients in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane — as well as around the world — every day. We use our authentic abilities to provide you with genuine readings, and the professionalism of our work will show.

Choose a psychic from the list and call us on 035 266 1164 and simply provide the operator number of your chosen psychic. We look forward to your call!