How to Tell If You’ve Found Your Soulmate

People always say you’ll know when you’ve found your soulmate. Meeting your other half is supposed to come with an undoubtable feeling that this connection is just right. But what if you just can’t tell?

If you’re struggling to decide whether the person you’re in a relationship with right now is The One, you’re not alone. Plenty of people have trouble making sense of their inner knowing and intuition when it comes to love, especially if they’ve been hurt before.

Thankfully, even if you can’t feel that soulmate sensation just yet, you have other ways to tell if you’ve found your twin flame. Here are our top 3 tips on identifying your soulmate.


1. Look for Worldly Signs

The first step is to look for worldly signs that your partner is The One. Worldly signs are the more ordinary relationship aspects that anyone can see, even if they lack intuition.

First, think about how you feel when you’re with your significant other. Do you feel comfortable? Does being with your partner make you forget about the worries you’ve faced that day? Do you feel relieved when you finally see them after work? Do you spend your time with them and feel happy, energised and intimate? These easily identified sensations are good signs that the person you’re with is a keeper.

Alongside feelings, you should also look at behaviours. Are you and your partner completely loyal to each other? Does your partner communicate with you openly and do their part when resolving arguments? Do they go out of their way to make your day? Whether they buy gifts, help with chores or massage your sore body after work, a soulmate is someone who takes action to boost your happiness.

2. Look for Otherworldly Signs

Of course, many of the signs above are arguably important in any romantic relationship—not just between soulmates. So, after you’ve determined whether your partner checks off the worldly requirements of being a soulmate, you need to look at the otherworldly, mystic signs.

For many people, the strongest sign is that indescribable feeling of connection. However, if you can’t figure out whether you have that feeling, you can look out for other spiritual signs.

In general, if your current partner is your soulmate, you should be able to find examples of fate and destiny in your relationship. For example, soulmates can share unexpected similar life circumstances. Coincidences like having family with the same name, sharing a number that means something to both of you or even having the same quirks can all be the universe’s way of telling you you’ve found The One.

Often, soulmates also share worldviews so similar that the possibility almost seems impossible that you could’ve found someone who matches with you so well. Does your partner have the same hopes, dreams and ambitions as you? Are you passionate about the same causes? Do you want the same number of children? If so, the two of you could definitely be soulmates.


3. Look for a Psychic

Still struggling to see the signs? Don’t worry, that’s not uncommon. Often, people who have been wronged or hurt in past relationships are filled with doubt. This can cloud your inner vision and make you uncertain of whether your current partner is the right person for you. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the journey alone. Consulting with a psychic could help you see the light.

A relationship psychic will have the intuition and foresight to see whether you’re with your true flame. The psychic can use their inner, spiritual abilities to sense whether your partner aligns with you on a soulmate level and help you understand your own intuition. And, if your partner isn’t The One, your psychic can help visualise who your future soulmate is so you can discover your dream relationship.

For helpful, experienced and compassionate soulmate and relationship consultations, don’t hesitate to contact Aliz’s Psychics.