6 Questions to Ask a Relationship Psychic for the Best Reading

Are you ready for your first reading from a relationship psychic but unsure about what to ask them? The questions below are a great place to start, no matter what your love life currently looks like.

Remember that questions that are too narrow can limit what your psychic is able to tell you, so keeping queries open-ended is a good idea. You can still get real clarity on important decisions—you just need to know how to word your requests.

1. What Should I Know About My Love Life? 

Whether you’re married, single, dating or anywhere in between, this is an excellent question to start with. It’s broad enough that you’ll get advice concerning past, present and future relationships.

Your relationship psychic might sense that you need to let go of something from the past, which can be extremely healing. They may also have comments on how to improve your current relationship, as well as predictions about your future loves.

2. Am I Compatible With My Current Partner? 

Instead of getting into the nitty-gritty of arguments between you and your partner, try asking an open question about your overall compatibility.

Your psychic can assess your energy and provide valuable insight into whether or not you and your partner are on the same wavelength. Lower compatibility doesn’t always spell disaster—this just means that you might have to work harder to make the relationship work.

3. How Can I Strengthen My Relationship? 

If you want concrete ways to improve your current relationship, this question is a good one. You might get advice on trusting your partner, making more time for them or changing the way you interact.

If you ask this question with the intention of improving yourself, then it’s sure to have positive results and should feel empowering.

4. Is My Current Partner Trustworthy? 

Are you worried that your partner is lying to you but afraid to confront them about it? Asking your psychic for their thoughts is a good way to test the waters before you ask your partner.

If they think that you have cause for concern, make time for an honest, open conversation with your loved one. If not, you might have trust issues of your own that you need to work through. Don’t be afraid to ask follow-up questions if you are not sure what to do next.

5. Is Now a Good Time to Take the Relationship a Step Further? 

Thinking of getting married? Moving in together? Trying for a baby? These big relationship milestones can be very testing, so get advice from your psychic before taking the leap.

They’ll help you mentally prepare for whatever you plan to do and give you valuable predictions on how things are likely to turn out. Don’t be afraid to make some last minute changes if this is what the universe has told you to do.

6. How Can I Follow My Heart?

Following your heart is sure to lead you in the right direction no matter what you deal with, so this is a great question to end on. Your psychic will help you tune into what your heart tells you, and you’ll be able to return to this skill whenever you need guidance in the future.

It can be tough when your heart tells you something you don’t want to hear, but listening to your intuition always pays off.

You’ll likely get the most out of your psychic reading if you go prepared with a good list of questions. Jot down your favourites from the list above, add your own and arrange for your relationship psychic reading today.