Why Have a Three-Card Tarot Spread Reading?

Not all tarot card readings are the same. Readers use different spreads of cards to help you find the solutions you seek. Typically, readers use multiple cards in a specific layout. These spreads might be general or tied to a certain theme, such as finances, relationships or careers.

While some spreads are complex and use lots of cards, others are simpler. For example, a three-card spread is a popular option. How does this spread work and what are its advantages? Keep reading this blog to find out.

What is a three-card tarot spread?

This spread only uses three tarot cards for each reading. Often, the cards are placed in a linear progression. So, your reader might place the three cards in a straight row and read them from left to right.

However, a reader sometimes uses a different layout to deal with a specific question or problem. So, the second card might lie across the first one in some readings. This card denotes an obstacle that you need to overcome.

Three-card spreads tend to work best for straightforward questions, problems and decision-making scenarios. The cards work together to show you three stages of the issue.

For example, the first two cards might show you where you are and what the situation is. The third might give you an answer or advice on the steps you need to take.

So, if you are unsure about a relationship, the first card might tell you how you really feel. The second card gives you an insight into how your partner feels. The third tells you if the relationship has a future or not. It might also help you see if there is anything you can do to improve the situation.

Why have a three-card spread reading?

While some tarot readings are more complex than a three-card spread, there are times when this reading is a good option.

You have a basic question

If you have a simple problem to solve, the choice to make or question to answer, then a bigger spread might take you to levels you don’t need to go. A smaller linear spread is often more effective for more basic issues.

For example, say you’re not sure whether to accept a new job offer. A three-card reading might use the first two cards to compare your current job and the potential new one. The third card gives you advice on whether to move or not.

You want quick insights

Some tarot spreads are multi-layered and complicated. While they are an effective solution in some scenarios, they can take time to decipher and work through. You might go off on tangents as the cards come together.

If you need a quick solution, then you might not feel that you can give up this much time. However, a three-card spread gives you a fast reading that focuses on one question, problem or choice. Each card tells you something. These messages then fit together to give you an answer. You get a powerful and focused insight a lot more quickly.

You have multiple questions or problems

While you might book a session with a tarot reader to deal with a specific issue, sometimes you’ll have multiple questions, problems or concerns. You might feel overwhelmed by what is going on in your life right now.

If you try to shoe-horn all your issues into a single spread reading, you might end up with more information than you can deal with at once. You might not get the immediate clarity you need.

If you use a three-card spread, then you can break your questions or problems down into individual units. You have the time to deal with multiple readings in one session. You can go through each issue individually and quickly. If something is still unresolved, you can then move on to a more in-depth spread later if you wish.

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