What Happens When You Contact a Medium? What to Expect

To get in contact with a loved one who has passed over, you may want to reach out to a medium. If you’ve seen mediums on television or accompanied a friend to see a medium, you may have some idea of what is going to happen. But to help you get even more prepared, here’s a look at what to expect and a few details about how the process works.

1. Many Mediums Do a Cold Reading

Some mediums may want to know basic details, such as your age or birthday. Others prefer to do a cold reading, and in fact, they’re even comfortable with you using a friend’s name when you book the appointment. Then, you can rest assured that they haven’t looked up information on you online.

If you have a preference, try to find out if the medium does cold readings or not before you reach out.

2. Distance Doesn’t Matter

Mediums work with spiritual energy. They communicate with souls trapped on earth and people who have crossed over. As a result, they don’t necessarily need to be next to the client. You can work with a medium in person, but you can also contact a medium over the phone for a reading. If you live in a remote area, the phone may be a perfect option for you.

3. You May Need to Try a Few Mediums

Just like in any profession, mediums are people who have different personalities and various abilities tied to their mediumship. Additionally, some spirits may be more comfortable with one medium compared to another medium.

If you’re ever gone to therapy, you know that counselors aren’t one-size-fits-all, and in some cases, you have to meet with several therapists before you find the right fit. That can also be true of mediums, which is another reason why you may want to meet with a few mediums over the phone.

4. Mediums Have Different Abilities

As indicated above, mediums use different ways to communicate with the spirits. Some of the most common abilities are the following:

  • Clairvoyant — These mediums see images that the spirits show them.
  • Clairaudient — This term refers to clear hearing, and mediums with this ability can hear messages from loved ones who have crossed. They can often share details related to names, places, pet names, or other private details that your loved one knows.
  • Clairsentient — Using clairsentience, mediums can feel emotions or injuries. For instance, if you are trying to communicate with someone who died of a heart attack, the medium may feel some pain in their chest as they receive that message.
  • Clairambient — By seeing ambience, mediums can sense information about smells or other environmental elements.

Some mediums may have all those abilities, but they may use different strengths to communicate with different spirits.

5. An Open Mind Is Essential

You should go into a reading with a medium with an open mind. If you are fearful or closed off, you may not be able to receive the messages. Your fear may convince you to reject some messages. The people with you can also impact your reading — if they are too cynical, that may disrupt some of the communication process between the medium and the spirits.

6. Your Medium Can Let You Know How They Conduct the Session

Before you start the reading, feel free to ask the medium how they work. They can let you know exactly what to expect during your time together. For many clients, a simple outline of the medium’s process can be very soothing.

To learn more and to set up a session with a medium, contact Aliz’s Psychics today. You can reach a variety of different mediums through us.