Oracles, Runes, and Pendulums: How They Can Help Your Reading

Psychic readings can mean many different things to people. For an increasing number of people, the idea of a psychic reading includes the connection with the psychic along with the connection and understanding of the psychic tools. This understanding helps you cope with and work through your personal life issues.

There are a few keys to gaining this insight, including opening your mind to the use of divination tools other than the tarot cards. Oracles, runes and pendulums are all available and can help deepen your reading and understanding of the answers these guides offer. Here is information to help you understand these tools and how they can help enhance your session.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards offer a more personal reading because they tend to hold a personal connection directly with the reader. With tarot cards, your reading may be limited to a certain number of cards or a specific card layout. With an oracle card reading, there are very few rules. This is because the cards can be connecting to guides, angels, witches or inspirational thoughts and feelings. There is also no specific number of cards or layout for a reading.

During an oracle reading, you may find that the guides push you to other aspects of an issue. Go with the flow of the reading when this happens. Since there are no specific layouts or number of cards that should be used during the reading, the guides move freely and may want to notify you of something significant that could be overlooked during a tarot reading.

When it comes to oracle cards and finding a psychic that uses them, make sure to look for keywords and phrases. You may see wording such as angel oracle or self-care oracle used in descriptions or as keywords used in reader profiles. These are indicative of a psychic using oracle cards and options.

Rune Stones

Rune stones are something that many people know about but don’t fully understand. In fact, many people may have had tarot readings but never have had a rune reading. Rune stones are an ancient form of divination used primarily in Nordic areas and faiths. These stones can offer general ideas of what to expect in your future or what may be causing issues presently.

Each stone has a rune mark. These marks have specific meanings and represent specific issues in your life. For example, one of the rune stones you may see cast for you is the F, also known as Fehu. This stone can be a sign of wealth. There are other stones, such as K, also known as Kenaz. The Kenaz is a sign of something or a torch to shine on something important the runes are trying to tell you.

Pendulum Readings

A pendulum reading is ideal for yes-and-no readings that can lead to the use of another divination tool to further deepen or explore the reading. A pendulum can also help with making choices in your life that you currently find difficult.

For example, you may have a pendulum reading for a list of questions you have such as if you should change jobs or move. Once you have your yes-or-no answers, then you could request a tarot or oracle reading to further understand what may happen if you do what the pendulum suggests. The difference with pendulums is the belief that they connect with your inner self rather than a guide.

When you are ready to try one of these divination tools, contact Aliz’s Psychics. Your psychic advisor can offer one of these methods to help you during your reading. They can also recommend psychics who can perform additional readings to use alongside your traditional tarot reading. This additional reading method with different divination tools can help enhance how you should handle and cope with your personal issues.