All You Need to Know About Mediums and Medium Readings

Mediums have sometimes been painted as scary and eerie in movies and fairy tales. In contrast, mediums in real life are very different. Read the excerpt below to learn more about mediums and the considerations to make when visiting a medium. 

Who are mediums?

Mediums are people with the ability to connect with the dead. Typically, they convey messages between the dead and the living.

Mediumism has existed for centuries across various cultures. For example, Biblical texts talk of King Saul consulting a medium to get in touch with Samuel, who was long dead. Modern mediumism is closely associated with the fox sisters. Two of the sisters, Kate and Magretta, were mediums who gave readings to many people across America.

Today, you will find mediums in many countries around the world. Mediums should be differentiated from other types of psychics, such as clairvoyants and diviners. Clairvoyants are psychics who use their third eye or extrasensory perception to reveal hidden information. On the other hand, diviners make prophecies using occult arts.

When should you consult a medium?

Mediums should be consulted when you wish to communicate with a deceased loved one. For example, it could be you wish to pass a message to a loved one who died without warning. You could also wish to reconnect to a person who died long ago, and you miss them. The guiding principle of a medium reading is that you must be connected with the dead person.

How should you prepare for a medium reading?

Below are a few tips on how to prepare for a medium reading:

Choose a reputable medium

As a rule of thumb, you should work with a reputable medium. It is a sure way to get an accurate reading. Conduct some internet research or consult with friends who have consulted mediums in the past. Alternatively, you could read medium blogs to identify renowned mediums in your area.

Determine the mode of communication

Modern technology has eliminated the need for a physical consultation with a medium. Some mediums offer online services which allow them to communicate via online streaming, video conferencing, phone, or social media.

If you wish to consult with an online medium, you should compare time zones with the medium to establish when they are available. Besides, you should ensure that you have an excellent internet connection.

Prepare some questions

The primary benefit of questions is that they will help guide the consultation and prevent confusion as the medium connects with your loved one. You should set clear and straightforward questions. For example, if you would want to connect with a deceased spouse, you could inquire whether they would want you to remarry, leave the family home or change the religion of your kids.

Do not expect a direct answer from the medium. The best way to go about this is to have a notebook where you write the important information from the reading. Over time, this information will slowly make sense or have a meaning.

Be honest during the reading

Medium readings are heavily reliant on the honesty of both parties. As a client, you should be honest about your relationship with the deceased. For instance, when connecting with a former lover, the medium could ask if you quarreled before your lover died. It would be tempting to hide this information from the medium. However, doing so will affect the reading and the connection that the medium had created.

Now that you understand the history of mediums and when you should consult a medium, it is only natural that you would wish to connect with a loved one who passed away. The secret to a successful medium reading is ensuring you consult an experienced and reputable medium. Contact Aliz Psychics today and our team of accomplished mediums will help you communicate with a deceased loved one.