About Our Online Psychic Services

ALIZ’S PSYCHICS ® is a unique service that helps people improve their lives. Our gifted psychics will help you understand the unseen forces that may be causing your love or relationship problems, business issues, career struggles and other life challenges. We offer live one-on-one readings over the phone, making it absolutely convenient for you to consult with us no matter where you are.

Liz established ALIZ’S PSYCHICS ® way back in 1999 to provide people with a genuine psychic reading service. Since then, she has built a service that lets people face their love, relationship, career and business problems with absolute confidence and with a smile of their face. Liz herself is a natural psychic who specializes in love and soulmate connections. She is joined by several other readers who are not only talented in their respective specialties, but who all share in a genuine desire to help people. Liz’s roster of psychics include mediums, counsellors, clairvoyants, reiki specialists, therapists, healers and many more, all with many years of proven experience.

It’s been proven time and again that many life issues transcend beyond the physical world. Many times the solutions to these challenges lie beyond what we can see and touch. To fully understand what you are up against, our psychics can guide you through the unseen obstacles the universe may have placed in your path, causing you to struggle and stumble without the slightest idea how to resolve them. Our clairvoyants can help you see these objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses. Our psychic mediums will help you tune in and connect to these unseen forces, allowing you to understand your past, see your present clearly and to some extent know what is in store for you in the future. Our healers, therapists and reiki masters are here to help you boost your life force, deal with stress and initiate the healing process.

If you find yourself stuck and going nowhere in your personal, relationship, career or business struggles, our psychics can provide you with a different perspective that can reveal many things you may not be aware of. Likewise, if you have continued to struggle despite doing the right things and working hard to solve your problems, at least from the conventional perspective, we offer you understanding, guidance and peace of mind. ALIZ’S PSYCHICS ® is at the forefront of this unexplored frontier for personal fulfillment and attaining happiness.

Want to speak to Liz, pls call her on 03 5266 1164