3 Reasons to Take Notes in a Psychic Reading

Psychic readings don’t just take place in the moment; the things you hear and learn during a session stay with you afterwards. The psychic may give you guidance, deeper insights or ideas on how to move forward in the future.

This can be a highly charged emotional experience, and you’ll be surrounded by a positive energy and depth of connection that you might never have experienced before. To make the most of your reading, consider making notes both during and after your session for the following reasons.

1. You won’t remember everything

You’ll usually feel a connection to your psychic during your reading. You’ll listen hard and focus on what they say to you. However, you may have to take in a lot of information in a short amount of time.

You may stuggle to assimilate information that comes at you thick and fast. You may feel overwhelmed, especially if you talk about things that touch you on deeper emotional levels.

While you might remember some of the things you talk about or discover, chances are you won’t be able to remember everything. You might focus on some things and lose others. You may not get as much out of the reading if you can’t process everything you learn, and you can’t process what you don’t remember.

If you make notes during your session, then you have a reminder of what the psychic said. And you don’t need to go into a lot of detail. Jotting down key words and phrases will be enough to jog your memory later.

2. You may learn something unexpected

You can’t predict what comes to light in a psychic reading. Even if you go in only needing the answer to a specific question or concern, your reading may lead you in different directions. You simply don’t know what will happen and what you will discover.

For example, say you consult a psychic to get advice on a relationship breakup. During the course of your session, your psychic may also tell you that they hear messages from a loved one who has passed over and wants to communicate with you. Your focus may shift at this stage.

If you take notes, then you create a record. Once things settle down later, you can remind yourself of everything you covered in the session so that you can process it more effectively.

3. You may hear something that doesn’t make sense yet

During the course of your reading, your psychic will talk to you about the things they feel, sense, see or hear about you. Neither of you know what you will learn until you come together.

Sometimes, your psychic might say something that doesn’t make sense to you immediately. They may mention a name, place or object that doesn’t resonate with you during your session.

You may not make a connection with something your psychic says until after the reading. For instance, you may suddenly recognise the significance of a name, connect with a place or understand the meaning behind an object. These unexpected connections can give you great insight, but only if you remember them. It’s easy to dismiss these moments because you don’t immediately connect with them. You forget about them because you don’t understand their meaning at the time. This is a lost opportunity.

If you write these comments down during or after your reading, then you can refer to them later. You keep them fresh in your mind until your mind is ready to connect the dots.

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